The Dukes Meadows Trust comprise of a very mixed bunch of people, reflecting the range of different cultures, backgrounds, lifestyles and ages in this community
What do we have in common
A desire to see Dukes Meadows, which has been sadly neglected over recent years, restored to its former glory.

Recognition of the enormous potential of the meadows, positioned on a beautiful sweep of the river.

A concern that if we don't start to look after the Meadows it will fall into worse neglect and may  eventually, piece by piece, be lost to us.

A willingness to give up a little of our time to improve our environment.

A belief that everyone has something to offer and that the more people get involved the stronger and more effective we will be.
Since our formation to 2010, the trust has increased the bio-diversity of Dukes Meadows by creating a Wild Flower Garden, planted an Orchard, Hedgerows and Trees. Created a community garden for local people who have no gardens to use.

We also run nature classes for Children of primary school age and assist in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme

Secured approximately one million pounds of funding to Increased the recreational value to the community by building a Water Play Area and Adventure Playground for older Children.

Other separate funding has gone to creating two sculptures involving  local school Children of primary and secondary age working with the sculptor through all the stages of there creation and £10,000 pounds to make the Bandstand structurally sound.

Secured our own revenue streams by creating three social enterprises, 10 Artist studios, A Farmers Market and letting of the old park keepers flat, in order to maintain the projects that have been built in the Meadows.   
who are the dukes meadows trust
Dukes Meadows
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About Dukes Meadows Trust by London Play 6 September 2012
Article by Dr Ute Navidi, former Chief Executive London Play, now independent consultant